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EFF on Flattr

From the Internet to the iPod, technologies are transforming our society and empowering us as speakers, citizens, creators, and consumers. When our... [ flattr.com ]


Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services [ www.ariesonline.org ]

MPlayer - the movie player

Today, a bill that would create America's first Internet censorship system is going to a full committee for a vote, and is likely to pass. Please c... [ mplayerhq.hu ]

GNU's not Unix!

The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop the GNU operating system, a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software—software whi... [ flattr.com ]

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program

This is the official GIMP web site. It contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it. This site also serves as a dist... [ www.gimp.org ]

Kartograph – rethinking mapping

Kartograph is a simple and lightweight framework for creating beautiful, interactive vector maps. It was built on top of jQuery and RaphaelJS with ... [ kartograph.org ]