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Amateur composer mostly of piano - creating unique blends of improvisations and some more formal structured pieces, I hope my work is enjoyed by all who listen to it. Comments are always welcomed.


In the challenge "Pop Goes The Piano", I may be stretching the definition of "Pop", but the production of Sound of Music celebrates it's 50th anniv... [ soundcloud.com ]

Prayer and Exultation

A work in Progress - I'm working with someone to complete the second half, but I like the first half so much, I'm parking it here - any comments al... [ soundcloud.com ]

Flying Free

It felt like birds flying.....hope you like this track... [ soundcloud.com ]

Slivers of the Heart

Passion, regrets, hope, calm, resignation, kindness, longing, anxiety, all the nuances and pieces of the heart seemed wrapped up in this song...thi... [ soundcloud.com ]

Autumn Evening Nocturne

For me, as fall drops leaves and the air chills, it is the best of nature in it's splendor and as trees turn and the days shorten, I find myself wi... [ soundcloud.com ]

The Dream Alive

A special thanks to Betty Rietveldt (Sinth: https://soundcloud.com/sinth-2) for providing a name for this track - I just could not come up with som... [ soundcloud.com ]

Scattered Showers

Ever been humming along and you suddenly find yourself in a rain storm, then sunlight, then sprinkles, then heavy rain, but the sun is shining a f... [ soundcloud.com ]

When Angels Sleep

If angels exist, do they sleep? Well, this is my imagined place where angels come to sleep - an "Angel Sleeping Hall" so to speak.....hope you fin... [ soundcloud.com ]