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Stephan Beneking, composer, is based in Berlin, Germany.
Beneking composes in neo-classical, melodic style for piano solo. His repertoire comprises more than 250 piano works so far.


SPOTIFY: http://open.spotify.com/user/1155850710/playlist/0mMqfTTRqBN4y8Zk798Q3f
iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/stephan-beneking/id583024858
BANDCAMP: http://beneking.bandcamp.com

Valses Melancholiques II - "The Swans" No 7 - played by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse -iTunes,Spotify,BandCamp

If you want to support our music, please repost and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, follow us on Spotify or consider buying an Album! Thank y... [ soundcloud.com ]

Nocturne in A flat minor No. I - played by Héctor Mayoral-Modestti - free scores www.beneking.com

This Nocturne is from my first Nocturne series in 1997. Enjoy this accentuated performance by pianist Héctor Mayoral-Modestti (https://soundcloud.... [ soundcloud.com ]

Miniatures for giants no 1 - performed by Carlos Márquez on David Klavins 370i Model

This is for piano "aficionados" and "connaisseurs" only: 5 pure piano miniatures composed specifically for the biggest and probably best piano on... [ soundcloud.com ]

Valses Melancholiques II - "The Swans" No 1 - played by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse - now on iTunes

New album "The Swans" - 12 Valses Melancoliques The great success of my first series "Valses melancoliques encouraged me to continue this musical ... [ soundcloud.com ]

Kristallnacht - played by Hal Freedman

Tonight is "Kristallnacht". Hundreds of shops in Berlin show broken windows to remind and remember what has been done exactly 75 years ago to our... [ soundcloud.com ]

Valses Melancoliques II - "The Swans" - No. 3 played by Carlos Márquez www.beneking.com

The great success of my "Valses melancoliques" (including the award-winning No. VIII - le desir eternel) encouraged me to continue this musical ide... [ soundcloud.com ]

Valkyrie No. 12 - played by Paul de Clerck - for Isabella Charlotta Maria Zita

The 12 Valkyries are figures from the Nordic mythology - they collect the slain heroes from the battlefield and bring them to "Valhalla", the "holy... [ soundcloud.com ]

Prelude fantaisie No. 3 - played by Michael Hauber - beneking.bandcamp.com

Pianist Michael Hauber (https://soundcloud.com/michael-hauber) from Stuttgart / Germany played all 8 "Preludes fantaisies", so we decided to create... [ soundcloud.com ]

Zita in Wonderland - Book I - played by Hal Freedman- www.beneking.com/zita

Zita in Wonderland - 24 pure piano miniatures in neoclassical style for children and beginners - Book I (pieces 1-12) played by pianist Hal Freedma... [ soundcloud.com ]

Prelude for the right hand alone No 9 - le tango - played by Carlos Márquez

This series of 18 Preludes for one hand alone (9 for the right hand, 9 for the left hand) was developed as a compositional and pianistical challeng... [ soundcloud.com ]