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Type level integers with Type Families (numtype-tf 0.1)

...I’ve implemented the numtype-tf library which is in essence numtype using type families (hence the “-tf”) instead of functional dependencies....... [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

Yesod Cookbook: Internationalized Form

Yesod has a pretty awesome library for programming with forms and also a flexible but currently under-documented system for internationalization. H... [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

Toy URL shortener with Yesod and acid-state

Herein we will create a rudimentary unsafe URL shortener – a toy. We will see how to use David Himmelstrup’s acid-state to persist a data structure... [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

ANNOUNCE: dimensional-0.10

I just released version 0.10 of the dimensional library, adding an Enum instance for quantities. [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

ANNOUNCE: dimensional-0.9

I am pleased to announce version 0.9 of my dimensional library for arithmetic with statically checked physical dimensions. The differences from ver... [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

ANNOUNCE: normaldistribution-1.1 – Minimum fuss normally distributed random values.

This purpose of this library is to have a simple API and no dependencies beyond Haskell 98 in order to let you produce normally distributed random ... [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

Flygdynamikern – the blog of Björn Buckwalter

Topics mostly related to Haskell programming or tangential to work. [ flygdynamikern.blogspot.com ]

Dimensional library – statically checked physical dimensions for Haskell.

Dimensional is a library providing data types for performing arithmetic with physical quantities and units. Information about the physical dimensio... [ dimensional.googlecode.com ]