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akwiatkowski/ranges_merger on GitHub

Simple (easy to use) gem for merging various range-like data. [ github.com ]

akwiatkowski/ruby_city on GitHub

Very early version of city simulator engine for MMO games. [ github.com ]

waypoint_manager - manage your waypoints and export them to GPX file

Simple rails app to manage all waypoints, pois. You can import waypoints created in gps device, edit them, categorize, and export in one shiny GPX ... [ github.com ]

gpx2exif: geotag your photos!

Util to geotag photos using GPX files, and library for parsing track files and creating waypoint files for Garmin GPS devices. [ github.com ]

XMPP/Jabber chat bot in Ruby

Simple bot for xmpp chat. At the moment it get titles of urls, and do other stuff also. [ github.com ]

Awesome flying sheep

Photo of this awesome flying sheep. Only one of that kind live in Poland. [ a-kwiatkowski.deviantart.com ]