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Gambit (chess game)

Gambit is a cross-platform chess game. [ purl.org ]

Wiimote Control

With Wiimote Control you can use your Wiimote as a remote control. [ purl.org ]

SMS Filter for Android

SMS Filter for Android can filter incoming SMS messages before they reach your inbox. You can filter by address, and optionally add parts that must... [ purl.org ]


ipxemu emulates IPX so that programs can use IPX, while actually using UDP/IP. This way one can for example play old games that only support IPX, w... [ ipxemu.sourceforge.net ]


xcursorclamp is a program that clamps the cursor to visible regions (CRTCs) of the virtual screen. It will continue to do so as the CRTCs change in... [ sourceforge.net ]

Hostname in Titlebar

Display the hostname in the titlebar of Firefox and also in Firefox' HTTP authentication dialogs. Useful when you're using a password manager utili... [ addons.mozilla.org ]