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I started Chart Porn because I love graphics. I love data. I love visualizations.  I love sharing with other people the information, perspective, a... [ chartporn.org ]

Satellite GIFs

It’s interesting how popular animated gifs have become again. I guess that even with high speed internet people are a little fed up with player loa... [ chartporn.org ]

Ideological Leanings of Supreme Court Justices

Two different analyses of supreme court decisions. I didn’t dig into the methodology, but the papers are available if you’re interested. The so-cal... [ chartporn.org ]

Immigration / Emigration

A very slick interactive tool for exploring world migration. [ chartporn.org ]

Travel Speed (1800-1930)

Sure, the internet and the information revolution has been fun. But before that there was the communication revolution. And before that, it was tra... [ chartporn.org ]

California Shooting Location Map

An amusing map from 1927, showing which areas of California could be used to film movies that you wanted to look like other parts of the world. [ chartporn.org ]

Video Games (1975-2011)

Games by genre, and games by platform. Labeling the axis might have been useful – I assume it’s supposed to be percent of total, with the space at ... [ chartporn.org ]

Oskar Fischinger

I dabble in VJ'ing, and it's amazing what you can do with todays tools, like Resolume. But take a look at what Oskar Fischinger did back in 1938 wi... [ chartporn.org ]

Infographic SEO Spammers

I receive dozens of infographics a day. Most of them (besides being terrible) are obviously designed to promote a particular company or non-profit.... [ chartporn.org ]

Pythagorean Theorem

Sometimes the best way to explain something is to demonstrate it. [ chartporn.org ]