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I create electronic music using the Nintendo gameboy and a program called little sound dj.

Counting sheep

This was my first song using effects and the magical 8bit plugin on fl studio, hope you enjoy it :) If you want to download the album this is fr... [ soundcloud.com ]


I have been listening to allot of Nanoloop chiptunes lately, such as Falling for a square, dream eater ans OK ikumi. i felt inspired to write a nan... [ soundcloud.com ]


I like to make dah pianoz (:(:(:(:(:(:( Done on fl studio as always 250 bpm as always Hope you enjoy ^O^ [ soundcloud.com ]

Solar Flares

This song is Piano and fakebit 250 bmp flstudio Hope you enjoy ^O^ The album version will sound better, I just have to work on making the ins... [ soundcloud.com ]

Good feels

This song was made on nanoloop for ipad, I added some effects using fl studio also. This song and others will be in an album called "Better With H... [ soundcloud.com ]


Made on nanoloop for Iphone. For the album "Better With Headphones" Hope you enjoy (: [ soundcloud.com ]

Meteor shower

From the album "space Music" Hope you enjoy (: [ soundcloud.com ]

Early Bird

From the album "Better with headphones" Which will be released sometime before Christmas. http://radicalpresident.bandcamp.com/ Enjoy ^O^ [ soundcloud.com ]

Hold On (Free download on bandcamp)

This is the last track I will be uploading from "Space Music" This track is a single, but will also be included in space music. Composed on Fl ... [ soundcloud.com ]