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Are we there yet?

This comic strip would be the perfect starting point for a fully-fledged philosophical exposé on how there are always different sides to every stor... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]

Positive reinforcement

What happened here? Did Chuck become a better pilot?! Or did the FAA inspector misplace his files? Or maybe Chuck got himself a fake ID and is flyi... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]

A quick decision

This strip is another one of those “not invented” stories. It is actually an old story that we heard quite often from our dad. When he and a good f... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]

Kiss me if I’m wrong …

I mean seriously! What are the odds? I know explaining a joke doesn’t make it funnier, but just on the off chance that some people don’t get it (we... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]

What’s your altitude?

It’s important to be precise! Well, sometimes at least, often it’s not. The trick is to know the difference. It’s always funny to watch people who ... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]

Pushing in the fog

Every one of us who has ever helped pushing a bigger aircraft up a slight hill for a longer distance with a few people will have noticed that there... [ www.chickenwingscomics.com ]