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chimo/ffsync-web on GitHub

Web interface to Firefox Sync Bookmarks [ github.com ]

OStatus-enabled WordPress Instance

Yesterday, I saw a neat !magicalPostOfMystery by @encycl popup in my stream: I just successfully subscribed to my blog via OStatus and then sent a ... [ chimo.chromic.org ]


Very similar to BookmarkList plugin, this one, "ReverseFavs", adds a "Reverse Favs" link in the left-nav of your StatusNet profile. Clicking it wil... [ chimo.chromic.org ]

BookmarkList Update

The BookmarkList plugin has been updated to match the behavior of other types of timelines/streams (ex: "favorites" stream): On multi-user instance... [ chimo.chromic.org ]

List your StatusNet Bookmarks

Ever noticed how your StatusNet Bookmarks seem to disappear in the land of /dev/null after a while? Well no more! With this tiny plugin, you'll be ... [ chimo.chromic.org ]

Local Key Exchange Server

Quick follow up on the last post. I managed to build the server and have it running. Changing "services.sync.jpake.serverURL" in "about:config" ind... [ chimo.chromic.org ]

Social Analytics – Teaser

I've been browsing the OpenStreetMap Wiki and found good documentation on how to add markers on a map (it's really simple, as you'll see). So now I... [ chimo.chromic.org ]