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How Much Of The Economy Do We Actually Need?

Most of the economy doesn't exist to fulfill our basic needs, yet so many people are unable to meet them. Do we still need everyone to earn a living? [ sustainableman.org ]

Who Are We?

The idea for Sustainable Man was originated from the combined efforts of two brothers, Chris and Steve Agnos. Here we are in Washington D.C. videot... [ sustainableman.org ]

A New Economic System - Access Levels

As I begin to talk about a new potential economic system, I think it is important to start with a few disclaimers: 1) The fundamental assumption up... [ sustainableman.org ]


Do you have any ideas on creating a great sustainability-related meme or video? Would you like to leave us a much-appreciated testimonial? Please c... [ sustainableman.org ]

Is Our Fear of Death Destroying the Planet?

There is a reason that despite the overwhelming evidence that our exponential, growth-based economic system is destroying the very foundations of ... [ sustainableman.org ]

Lateral Power

The Second Industrial Revolution brought with it a centralized power structure - television, radio, energy.  The Internet, by contrast, is distribu... [ sustainableman.org ]

The Adventures of the Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention

A daily comic strip about a guy who's starting to wake up. [ sustainableman.org ]