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Ubuntu 13.10 Review | LAS s29e02

Has Ubuntu become all about the Dash? Or is there more going on in this saucy release? We’ll dig into our pain points and moments of joy in our Ubu... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Linux Drive Recovery | LAS s27e10

Some of the best tools to save and recover data from a failing drive are free, and built for Linux. We’ll demo some of the best tools to save your.... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Bittorrent Sync vs AeroFS | LAS s26e10

Bittorrent Sync is out, and it promises to enable p2p Dropbox style file sharing, for free, with no limits. But has AeroFS already beat them to the... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

FauxSNAP! | FauxShow 131

Angela and Allan go over some common passwords you should never use, the bind the client vendor relationship always leads too, and challenges of th... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]


Independent Entertainment, on demand. [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Amazon’s Secrets | TechSNAP 49

Microsoft has released an extremely critical patch, the race against hackers has begun. We’ll give you the details on this important update. Sec... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Solar Storms & Higgs Boson | SciByte 37

We take a look at recent solar activity, new ideas and imaging of the Titantic, Higgs Boson particles, Dinosaur feathers, transparent electrodes, d... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Boldly They Played | STOked 114

It’s a double dev special. Al joins us to share details on the new Odyssey and Bortasqu' C-store ships, and what they can do. Then Jeremy stops by ... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Richard Stallman | GNU/LAS | s20e10

Richard Stallman joins us to celebrate our 200th episode, and we ask him about his hard stance on proprietary software and the unethical people who... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]

Zenithink C71 | In Depth Look

So what is it? It’s a tablet called the C71 built by ZeniThink, sold under various names. ZeniThink appears to be competing in the cheap Android... [ www.jupiterbroadcasting.com ]