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kaosat-dev/node-github-autochangelog on GitHub

Automatic generation of changelogs using the github api + nodejs [ github.com ]


Reprap, Programming, Hardware, Hydroponics and Simulations [ www.kaosat.net ]

Doboz 2 (H-Bot 3D printer)

UPDATE : 31/08/2012 - Finished basic version of x_carriage - Finished basic version of Z axis elements - Added updated main .scad file (doboz_v2 0.... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

kaosat-dev/CoffeeSCad on GitHub

Browser based 3D solid CAD editor, Openscad style, with a Coffeescript based syntax, using only Coffeescript + Javascript [ github.com ]


Parametric modeling tool similar to OpenScad, but running in your browser, using a Coffeescript base & syntax : this means support for classes, re... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Parametric Sanguinololu enclosure

I had a few issues with the various Sanguinololu enclosures present on thingiverse, and none was parametric, so here goes ! [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Science ! Python! Unicorns! (and some important personnal news)

As a break from my \"tradition\" of not going into more \"personal\" stuff on this site , I thought I would share a bit of  personal news , since w... [ www.kaosat.net ]

Long time no post: old L-System and Cellular Automata files

Hello ye all out there ! It has been ages since i last posted ,  and there are lots of news comming up , but first, i will just keep it simple and ... [ www.kaosat.net ]

The endless walz of reprap \self\ upgrades

I have been keeping quite quiet since the last update on the first successful movement of my second generation Reprap machine, and that is because ... [ www.kaosat.net ]


This is when i realize i may be working on too many projects... A few months (ok a lot of months) ago i started rewriting from scratch and greatly ... [ www.kaosat.net ]