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I build software for fun and profit.

XRefresh will refresh your browser on a file change

* Monitors multiple project folders * Performs refresh on file change * Soft Refresh for CSS and Javascript * You may specify exclude filters [ xrefresh.binaryage.com ]

Visor is system-wide terminal accessible via a hot-key

* Terminal window available system-wide on a hot-key * Nice Terminal colors out of the box * Copy to clipboard on selection [ visor.binaryage.com ]

FireLogger is a sexy logger console integrated into Firebug

* Rich-text logging (drill down object properties) * Exceptions and backtrace visualization * Profiling graphs * Open in Text Editor integration... [ firelogger.binaryage.com ]

FireRainbow brings javascript syntax highlighting to Firebug

* Highlights Javascript, HTML and CSS * Color theme can be modified using Firebug's CSS panel * Highlighting is applied incrementally (good perfo... [ firerainbow.binaryage.com ]

FireQuery - a Firebug extension for jQuery development

FireQuery is a Firefox extension integrated with Firebug * jQuery expressions are intelligently presented in Firebug Console and DOM inspector ... [ firequery.binaryage.com ]