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I am the Senior Technical Writer and System Administrator for Monty Program, one of the main contributors to the MariaDB fork of MySQL.

D2 Plug Computer

D2 Plug Computer, a set on Flickr. I finally received the new D2 Plug from GlobalScale Technologies a couple days ago. I ordered it several months ... [ daniel-bartholomew.com ]

MariaDB Crash Course

I just received my pre-ordered copy of Ben Forta\'s new MariaDB Crash Course book. I participated in the tech edit and I\'m excited to see the fini... [ daniel-bartholomew.com ]

Dell doesn’t have a clue

A blog post about the frustrations of purchasing a Dell laptop with Linux. [ daniel-bartholomew.com ]

Fun with FFmpeg

How to use FFmpeg to copy audio and video streams from one container to another without re-encoding. [ daniel-bartholomew.com ]