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displayhack.org is a site dedicated to real-time graphics, visualization, motion graphics and the demoscene.

GenShaders – Part 1

I recently embarked on a new experiment which I believe will be of particular interest to the Displayhack audience. I started with a fairly simple ... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Making-of: Spheres on a plane

This is a somewhat lengthy piece focused around our demo \"Spheres on a plane\", and the technical aspects that went into making it. I should state... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Making-of: Milk 2.5k

This is an attempt to describe a bit about how we made the 2.5k intro, \"Milk\" by The Compo Xaviours. There\'s alot more that went into the intro ... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Web demo goodies – May 2011

For this month\'s roundup of WebGL goodies, we have collected a bunch of amazing pieces of WebGL/JavaScript-art. The big news this month was of cou... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Generating Shaders on the Fly: Stitching

Some time ago, actually in 2009, we somehow managed to win the 4k intro competition at the annual Assembly Summer event. What we released was Muon ... [ www.displayhack.org ]

GPU Based Texture Synthesis

I first experimented with texture generation in 2000. For a while I didn\'t really get far because there weren\'t too many resources on the topic -... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Modelling in Maya 101 – Part 1

Hi and welcome to this series on modelling and texturing game characters. My name is Mathias and I am a modeller on the game \"Evil Junior\" curren... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Making-of: Numb Res

Begin It was easter. We made a new demo for The Gathering 2011.Yea, that’s right – in Norway, not in Germany. I really wanted to do a new demo beca... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Displayhack – what is it?

Hello there, and welcome to displayhack.org! So, what\'s this site then? Well, there are two ways to describe it - one short, and one long. This is... [ www.displayhack.org ]

Syncing your real-time graphics right

For me, as a musician and designer, the most exciting part of the visual aspects of making a demo is undoubtedly the direction, editing and synchro... [ www.displayhack.org ]