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The Value of the Stratfor Leak

My speech at Foley Square On November 15, hacktivist Jeremy Hammond was unjustly sentenced to ten years in prison for, among other actions, hacking... [ www.douglaslucas.com ]

Patriot and Mailman at The Chat Room, 9 March 2013

A blog post about a show with two of my favorite local bands in Fort Worth, Texas, Patriot and Mailman. Includes videos of one song from each band ... [ www.douglaslucas.com ]

Clarion West 2008 – Part 8 of 10

Part 8 in a series of ten blog posts about my experiences at Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2008. This post is about Week 6, when Chuck Palahniuk... [ www.douglaslucas.com ]

How To Reduce the Need for Affection

A blog post explaining how and why to reduce the need for affection. Includes a gorilla, the Czech Republic, Thrasymachus, and a wellspring. [ www.douglaslucas.com ]

I Hate Game Theory

Blog post contrasting pickup artists with whistleblowers and artists. Includes laughtrack, CIA, monk. [ www.douglaslucas.com ]

James McMurtry in Denton, Texas, June 2012

Blog post reviewing James McMurtry's show in Denton, Texas, on June 29 2012. Includes video, photos, a divorce, and a stolen stereo. [ www.douglaslucas.com ]