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Welcome to iOS 7 … Issues

All the while during the iOS 7 BETA phase I’ve been filing Radars and produced samples to go with them to demonstrate the issue to Apple engineers.... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

DTCoreText 1.6.6 + DTRichTextEditor 1.6.3

Again, another maintenance release for DTCoreText and DTRichTextEditorwhich mostly addresses issues introduced by the recent CSS handling rewrite. ... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

Announcing BarCodeKit

iOS7 will have the ability to scan 1D and 2D bar codes built-in. The same is true for generating 2D bar codes. Which begs the question why Apple op... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

Cocoanetics/DTCoreText on GitHub

Methods to allow using HTML code with CoreText [ github.com ]

Directories: Temp, Cache, Documents

The first thing to learn when starting to persist data onto the iPhones solid state drive is that all apps have their own sandbox. Contrary to othe... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

WWDC Ticket Aftermath

The results the world had with Apple’s new plan where mixed. By a rough estimate over 20,000 developers where trying to storm the bastille at exact... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

Cocoanetics/AutoIngest on GitHub

Automatic Sales Report Downloader for Mac [ github.com ]

Professional WWDC Ticket Alert

You want to be first in line when WWDC 2013 finally go on sale? That should happen any day now. Now there are many ways how to get informed. Homebr... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]

Amazing Apple-like Documentation

I know I know, Documentation is a bad bad word, especially for us creative people. The true creativity is in writing code, not in writing comments,... [ www.cocoanetics.com ]