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Run IE9 in Virtualbox for free

Like many, I ditched Windows for other operating systems a long time ago and never looked back. But being a web developer I need to be able to test... [ primozverdnik.com ]


I\'m a software developer and architect with experience ranging from the bits and bytes of embedded engineering, to the point-and-clicks of a rich ... [ primozverdnik.com ]

Sync your passwords between your phone and computers using Dropbox and KeePass

If you use passwords like 12345 for anything else than maybe your luggage, you probably don\'t need to read this post. If you\'re smarter than that... [ primozverdnik.com ]

A WikiLeaks inspired tune – Is This What You Want?

It was in April 2009 when WikiLeaks released the Collateral Murder video, and that’s when it stirred my interest. Or my anger… but mostly shame and... [ primozverdnik.com ]