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Postcard #7: Songs from the Dust

The journey. I watch the campfire crackle as the sun fades. A rock on a mountain is my home, a small sheltered place where I cut avocados in half ... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #6: Deconstruction Site

Cologne. The city I was born in, I grew up in. Like a spouse to whom I had been promised before I was born and ended up being married to for over... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #5: Songs for the Sleepless

This summer. No other I remember has ever been as vibrant and brisk with life. And there is hardly any better place to experience a summer than t... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #4: Songs for a Soft Heart

The desert. The vast lands. In fact I am already back home in the city, and yet the silence of those Californian wastelands doesn't cease to reson... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #1: Songs for the Apocalypse

An island. A room to myself for seven days, far from everything, detached from motorized traffic, from city noises, from the entire world. The o... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #2: Songs for the Homesick

Istanbul. The city of cities. My friends left me in their apartment in Üsküdar for a few days, alone with a talking cat and a piano. I'll feed t... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Postcard #3: Songs for the Breathless

Cologne. A room. Over time I collected quite a bunch of instruments. There are strings to be plucked and wooden sticks to blow air into, thing... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]

Entertainment for the Braindead - Trivialities

Five Ukulele Songs //// Now this is nothing for the Greatest Hits Collection. No excellent piece of craftsmanship, no mentionable artist... [ eftb.bandcamp.com ]

Entertainment for the Braindead

Entertainment for the braindead is a lo-fi musician from Cologne, Germany who has been releasing stuff under Creative Commons licenses since 2008. ... [ entertainmentforthebraindead.com ]