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Не забыть то, что "настроил и забыл"... [ eigenein.tumblr.com ]

IMAP Utilities

Small utilities for managing IMAP email messages [ eigenein.info ]

Poppy - Free POP3 Client Library for .NET applications

Poppy is a small free .NET library for interacting with POP3 mail servers. Features: - RFC 1939-compliant - Optional POP3 commands support - ... [ eigenein.info ]

Skype Historian

When you reinstall your operating system or change you computer you lose all your chats history. Skype Historian allows you to easily backup all yo... [ eigenein.github.com ]

Protocol Buffers in Python

The flexible easy-to-use implementation of Protocol Buffers in pure Python with original Protocol Buffers' compatibility, embedded messages, stream... [ eigenein.github.com ]