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Hello i am fabiantheblind. I was born on my birthday - since then i travell the world and do stuff that involves things.

wihihihiggle script for After Effects CS4+

This Script ist mostly a GUI for that famous wiggle() expression with some extra expression goodness like posterizeTime(framesPerSecond), seedRando... [ fabiantheblind.github.com ]

AEMap v 0.3 Creating Equirectangular Maps in Adobe After Effects

This dockable script panel "AEMap.jsx" creates equirectangular projection maps composed out of 286 separate polygons (masks on solids or shapelayer... [ fabiantheblind.github.com ]


This is the moron net [ the-moron.net ]

fabiantheblind on Twitter

Born on his birthday. Since then he travells the worlds an does stuff that involves things! [ twitter.com ]

TypoStandard InDesign Scripting

Some Javascripts for InDesign for use at a Scripting workshop [ fabiantheblind.github.com ]

imFlattrd.com - fabiantheblind

Check out my profile at imFlattrd.com! [ imflattrd.com ]