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Freedom Of Religion Is Obsolete, Superseded, And Harmful

Freedom of religion was intended to guarantee freedom from governmental persecution because of private beliefs. Today, that freedom has been twiste... [ falkvinge.net ]

Good Midwinter Solstice! With A Kopimist Gospel

Today is the midwinter solstice, and a fitting day to present a Kopimist Gospel. Kopimism is a new religion for atheists, agnostics, and believers ... [ falkvinge.net ]

Pirates Are Staying In European Parliament

As of 18:00 on Election Day, it is clear that the Pirate Party remains in the European Parliament for another term. The German exit polls predict t... [ falkvinge.net ]

“Why I’m Voting Pirate” – A Testimony From An Ex-Soviet

This testimony – “Why I’m Voting Pirate” – was published by Leila Borg, a person who grew up in the Soviet Union but moved to Sweden after the fall... [ falkvinge.net ]

The Pirate Bay Running Promos For European Pirate Parties In Election Week

In a last-minute visibility boost, The Pirate Bay is providing front-page exposure to the European Pirate Parties in this European Election. Offlin... [ falkvinge.net ]

Election Week, Swedish And Czech Pirate Parties Liftoff In Polls

Last Friday, Swedish Public Radio opened with the headline “Swedish Pirate Party Heading For Re-Election To European Parliament” as a fresh poll wa... [ falkvinge.net ]

The Ruling Class Wages War On Truth Itself

The ruling class and the governments are waging a war against truth itself. Governments are demanding control over citizens and their communication... [ falkvinge.net ]

Betting Companies Suddenly Betting Swedish Pirate Party Gets Re-Elected

More or less overnight, betting companies slashed their odds of the Swedish Pirate Party’s re-election to the European Parliament. Where a re-elect... [ falkvinge.net ]

One Month Before Elections, Swedish Oldmedia’s Pretend-Does-Not-Exist Attitude Toward Pirate Party R

In one month, on May 25 at 20:00, the voting stations close for the European Elections. You’re never entitled to complain when media doesn’t cover ... [ falkvinge.net ]

Sweden Goes Full Retard, Requires Registration Of Every Individual Playing Lottery

Sweden, like most European countries, has a number of governmentally-run state lotteries that are an efficient extra tax on the people who can’t ma... [ falkvinge.net ]