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Ten Long Years - The end of Radio Clash Podcast

"Ten years...you reap just what you sow... Another one bites the dust!" Yes Radio Clash (the podcast) is 10 years old today! But sadly it's also t... [ www.radioclash.com ]

Radio Clash 67: Artist Special - Ivor Cutler

A special show commemorating everyone's favourite harmonium-playing haddock-singing scotsman, Ivor Cutler who died on the 3rd of March. Sorry no m... [ www.radioclash.com ]

RIP Grant Essexboy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1MgROJelVI Sadly learned today that Grant Martin aka Essexboy / Apricot Cyanide / Ebro had died this morning. One o... [ www.radioclash.com ]

Kleptonite - I Wanna Dance With Santa/Satan edition

Just to remind you kids*, freaks*, pop-pickers*, pill-poppers* and Living On Video VJ types that Kleptonite is on again at the Britannia in Hackney... [ www.radioclashblog.com ]

Instagram Nickleback parody

Look at this coffee foam, Now look at this pretentious tome, Now look at this garden gnome I'm friggin Michelangelo! It hurts and is funny cos it's... [ www.radioclashblog.com ]

Presets - Promises (Lifelike remix)

Only yesterday I was revisiting the thoughtful, downbeat but strangely (and wrongly) ignored Pacifica album by The Presets, and listening to some ... [ www.radioclashblog.com ]

American study finds file sharers buy 30% music not less

This study's findings isn't new nor the first music sharing study to find this fact out. But still the music industry says the bug eyed monster is ... [ www.radioclashblog.com ]

Radio Clash Blog

Mad mashups, maniac mixes, tonal terrorism, bootiful bootlegs, cringeworthy covers and radical rants, presented by Tim from the UK. Music, politics... [ www.radioclash.com ]