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Developer update #4 – Collectors

The thing that always has been and always will be Flattr, is the action of flattring. You might think this refers to clicking the button, but it ac... [ blog.flattr.net ]

Flattr developer update #3 – Payments

One of the core things of Flattr is of course getting money in and out of the system. The new Flattr will have great improvements in this area, thi... [ blog.flattr.net ]

Flattr developer update #2 – Feature set part 1

The new Flattr will be quite a different beast when it comes to design. But that will also be true for the feature set. As we are doing mobile firs... [ blog.flattr.net ]

Suspended account?

Interviews, case studies, product updates, events we go to… [ blog.flattr.net ]

Finding Error buttons?

As to move along in the transition to Mangopay, we just deactivated the possibility to flattr accounts that has not approved our new Terms of use d... [ blog.flattr.net ]