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TextMate Themes: Clouds & Clouds Midnight

Two popular themes for TextMate: one light, one dark. Although they were designed for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP use, they've been known to hold... [ fredhq.com ]

Shapes for jQuery Roundabout

A plugin for a plugin, Roundabout Shapes provides eleven different shapes of movement for the jQuery Roundabout plugin. Just include this script on... [ fredhq.com ]

Notebook - A TextMate Theme

Notebook is a newly release TextMate theme that mimics how one might see coding if they were hand-writing it and using highlighters (minus your ter... [ fredhq.com ]

Roundabout for jQuery

Roundabout is my first jQuery plugin, it converts a boring unordered list (or any set of nested elements) into a fun pseudo-three-dimensional carou... [ fredhq.com ]