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A pig in the park in Prague (and a dodgy funfare ride)

Sometimes it's a struggle to find inspiration for a new blog post — and then sometimes, an idea is handed to you on a plate. I was out for a spoil... [ girlinczechland.com ]

'What do you call a Škoda with twin exhausts?' (and some tomatoes)

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will be aware that there's been a big purchase recently at Girl in Czechland Towers. After four years of ... [ girlinczechland.com ]

Prague: a city for looking at and playing the piano in

It has been a long while since my last post. The thing is, I haven't been feeling very well. This isn't an unusual occurrence in my life: if langu... [ girlinczechland.com ]

Holka v Česku nebo česká holka? 6 způsobů, kterými jsem se stala Češkou/Girl in Czechland or Czech g

[Non-Czech speakers, don't be scared! This post is bilingual - scroll down for the English translation] Možná si pamatujete, že minulý rok jsem po... [ girlinczechland.com ]

Britpop nostalgia and Anglo-Czech cultural exchange

Recently, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for my youth. This has manifested itself as a sudden desire to read the autobiographies of various sta... [ girlinczechland.com ]

The Village People and the Weapon of Mass Destruction: Easter in Czechland 2013

Following last year's rather unsuccessful attempt to introduce Czech Easter traditions to England (remember my beranek baking disaster?), I decide... [ girlinczechland.com ]

99 words about Prague, Ms Girlova style

    Cobblestones.  Clocks on every lamppost. Trams.  Thick snow or strong sunshine. The Castle is really a cathedral. Spires. Gruff-faced folk dema... [ girlinczechland.com ]

Death to Dishonesty: 3 ways Czechs Reject the Fakery of Modern Life

Czechs are a disarmingly honest bunch. As I’ve mentioned many times before, they don’t sugarcoat things for you. Don’t ask if that dress makes your... [ girlinczechland.com ]

Who is Girl in Czechland?

"Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice (she was so much surprised that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English)  Hello.  I am a B... [ girlinczechland.com ]

5 reasons I'm looking forward to winter in Czechland

Recently I was fortunate enough to be whisked away for a romantic weekend by Czechman to a top-secret location in the Jizera mountains. We even st... [ girlinczechland.com ]