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gregoa's blog: cowbuilder crossbuilds for raspbian

cowbuilder --create --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/armhf/raspbian-wheezy-base.cow \ --distribution wheezy --mirror http://mirrordirector.raspbian.o... [ info.comodo.priv.at ]

RC bugs 2013/41-43

almost weekly RC bug report [ info.comodo.priv.at ]

bash completion for unison

here's the first attempt to enable bash completion for unison; currently it only completes the profile names found in ~/.unison/. completion for co... [ info.comodo.priv.at ]

RC bugs 2012/40

this week I focussed mostly on bugs where conffiles are modified in maintainer scripts. thanks to the recipe in debconf-devel(7) many cases are not... [ info.comodo.priv.at ]

RC bugs 2011/47

after the rather intensive last_week, this week was more business as usual. – here's the list: ... [ info.comodo.priv.at ]

RCBW (Release Critical Bugs of the Week) work flow

as regular readers of planet_debian probably know, I try to contribute to the RCBW initiative. I thought I might publish my work flow, which is ver... [ info.comodo.priv.at ]