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I design and build open source, low cost 3D printers. Yay hacking!

hoeken on Twitter

我不是英文老师 [ twitter.com ]

Peristaltic Pump

This is an attempt at a lasercut peristaltic pump. These types of pumps are useful for pumping tons of materials. They can also be made from common... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Test Cylinder

Test cylinder linked from the Thingomatic docs. Anyone have any better models? [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Coat Hook

Here is a handy coat hook you can print out and use to hang your coats on! This file was designed by Adrian Bowyer. [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Ashtray v1.0 by hoeken

This is a simple ashtray. It will hold your ashes and not spill them. Smoking is bad, btw. 1 hour, 15 minute print. [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Thingiverse Designer hoeken

Zach Hoeken likes to dream big, fail big, and win big. His true passion in life is acting as a catalyst and helping others do amazing things. Wheth... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Walt Disney's Head by hoeken

Well, I'm not sure what to say about this. Its the head of Walt Disney. You can print it. You can play with it. You can even put it on a robot and ... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Empire State Building by hoeken

Got an Empire State Building model off Google 3D warehouse and hacked the crap out of it to make it printable. Then I scaled it up to 120mm tall an... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Port Wine Glass by hoeken

A nice little wine glass for drinking your port wine in. The first version has a bit of problems with overhangs, and the second version fixes this,... [ www.thingiverse.com ]