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The golden gladiator must emerge victorious! [ twitter.com ]

Pool’s Closed

Anonymous protests the Church of Scientology in San Francisco. [ aphotoaday.com ]

Minimalism as a viable intellectual strategy: a rebuttal

A rebuttal to the idea that minimalism is not a viable intellectual strategy. [ spartanize.com ]

Pool’s Definitely Closed

Driving through California and Arizona I ran across this scene near Ludlow. [ aphotoaday.com ]

Hangin’ at the Palace

Taken at The Grand Palace in Bangkok on what had to be the hottest day in recorded history. My traveling companions wouldn’t even leave the shade. ... [ aphotoaday.com ]

Coit Tower and the Moon

I gotta tell you it’s one hell of a hike to get up to Coit Tower from the flats of the financial district. It was well worth the walk though since ... [ aphotoaday.com ]

Barack Obama napping on the job

I shot this at a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer a week after Obama announced that he was running for President. This photo is sadly a portent of what... [ aphotoaday.com ]

Book Review: The Art of Non-Confirmity

After 5 and a half hours I felt like I had endured a bad hand job with no happy ending... [ spartanize.com ]

Kill your library

For many years I used to be an avid book collector and at one point I had a fairly impressive library in my home. The trouble came when I’d buy mor... [ spartanize.com ]

My 100 Thing Challenge

I heard about Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge a few months back and thought it was a pretty novel idea. He’s out to spread a message though and I ... [ spartanize.com ]