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Zend View Partials

This screencast covers Zend View Partials, an often overlooked portion of the Zend_View_* collection of classes, however, I've found them super han... [ www.zendcasts.com ]

PUTting Data with jQuery

A quick look at how you can send PUT requests (REST update calls) to your SLIM-based JSON endpoint. [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Building a JSON Endpoint with SLIM (Part 1)

Writing complex JavaScript applications can be tricky if your service layer isn't well managed. This video will show you the first part in a series... [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Creating Custom Application Resources

Write a custom zend application resource for easy configuration and integration. [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Writing Custom Zend Filters with HTMLPurifier

A look at how Zend_Filter works and how you can write one yourself. [ www.zendcasts.com ]

HTMLPurifier Integration

Quickly integrate HTMLPurifier into your Zend Framework application. [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Event Listeners in Doctrine 2

Use Events in Doctrine 2 to handle trivial portions of your domain models. [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Many-to-Many with Doctrine 2

Building and testing a many-to-many relationship. This was a bit of a rocky video, but I also include some tips for debugging your Doctrine 2 confi... [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Writing Composite Zend_Form Elements

This video should help you build your own composite Zend_Form element. We'll be building a phone element. The phone element will have 3 textboxes, ... [ www.zendcasts.com ]

Zend_Form Decorators Explained

One of the pain points for folks who are starting to work with the Zend Framework is the Decorating functionality found in the depths of Zend_Form.... [ www.zendcasts.com ]