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Jessie Countdown: 3

Three is the new number for continuing oldstable security support: thanks to the efforts of those behind the Long-Term Support initiative, the full... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

Getting things into Jessie (#7)

Keep in touch We don't really have a lot of spare capacity to check up on things, so if we ask for more information or send you away to do an uploa... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

Privacy specialists should hire security specialists

I was interested to hear about a company here in the UK called ALLOW, offering marketing database management under a "we'll get you off lists, then... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

Point Release Security Co-ordinator

In 'Bits from the Security Team' a few weeks ago, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote: Since a couple of years we've been handing off security issues of minor or... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]


The public face of jwiltshire [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

RCBW, week three

This week: #607958 (apt): replied and tagged 'moreinfo'; jmm later downgraded it to normal #606951 (nsca): agreed with the submitter and reverted... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

RCBW, week two

This week: #606151 (nordugrid-arc-nox): cherry-picked a patch from upstream and uploaded to DELAYED/1 #606670 (minitube): removal bug filed at re... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

The perfect gpg-agent setup

When I first started using Debian properly, I played with gpg-agent and pinentry but I didn't really understand the various bash initialisation scr... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

Getting stuck into RC bugs

Now that it's much more convenient for me to do NMUs, and simultaneously there a handful of bugs that I can actually deal with, I guess it's about ... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]

Dear CSI and other hi-tech television producers

Please stop perpetuating the myth that any old grainy image can be enhanced beyond all recognition. It's not possible to read a newspaper at a thou... [ www.jwiltshire.org.uk ]