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Graphic designer, traveller around the world, idea man and adventurer.

Le Paper Globe — un patron de globe terrestre en papier

Le Paper Globe est un globe terrestre à réaliser soi-même. En plus de faire joli dans le salon c'est un outil éducatif pour tous les âges, pour app... [ joachimesque.com ]

Le Paper Globe — a DIY paper terrestrial globe

Le Paper Globe is the template for a do-it-yourself terrestrial globe. Not only will it look neat in your living room, it is also a very good learn... [ joachimesque.com ]

joachimesque on Twitter

Élu Mec le Plus Intéressant de l'Année en 2009 et 2010, de retour d'un tour du monde, designer-graphiste, motion, interactif, spécialiste en énumér... [ twitter.com ]

Joachim Robert - Photographies

Joachim Robert is a photographer, based in Paris yet known to travel around. Joachim Robert est un photographe basé à Paris, mais il est aussi c... [ joachimrobert.com ]

Phnom Penh

I've got lots of catching up to do, for the last two weeks when I was in Cambodia. I'm in Lao now, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't share my Cambodi... [ 360in365.com ]

Good bye Vietnam!

Good-Bye Vietnam! My analysis on Vietnam won't be as detailed as the one I did on China. That's because I stayed only three weeks and I was sick t... [ 360in365.com ]

En voyant des images

Dans peu de temps je finis mon voyage, de ça au moins vous êtes au courant. L'un des axes de mon projet de tour du monde c'était la production d'i... [ 360in365.com ]

Nazca Lines

While I was in Peru, I stopped in Nazca, a little city which lies near a desert famously known for the famous lines that had been traced hundreds o... [ 360in365.com ]

Done Khone, paradise island

I arrived in Lao by the South, from the North of Cambodia. In the North of Cambodia, nothing interesting happened, because I only stayed one day. ... [ 360in365.com ]