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MongoDB is evil. It... ... in fact, for a long time, ignored errors by default and assumed every single write succeeded no matter what (which on 32... [ cryto.net ]

joepie91's Ramblings

Yesterday, Mozilla made a blogpost, stating that they will be "deprecating non-secure HTTP" - in other words, forcing HTTPS. I believe that this de... [ cryto.net ]

joepie91's Ramblings

Well, not exactly a cheerful topic for my first post of 2015, but it has to be said. The EU has introduced new VAT (Value Added Tax) legislation th... [ cryto.net ]

joepie91's Ramblings

A few days ago, Bitcasa announced that they were upgrading their storage infrastructure. And not just that - the upgrade would be accompanied by a ... [ cryto.net ]

joepie91's Ramblings

According to Mt. Gox, they discovered a critical flaw in the design of Bitcoin, allowing people to 'steal' Bitcoins by changing the ID of a BTC wit... [ cryto.net ]

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It took some work, but it's finally done: pythonwhois 2.0.0! pythonwhois is, simply put, a WTFPL-licensed library for retrieving and parsing WHOIS ... [ cryto.net ]

joepie91/tahoe-tools on GitHub

Assorted tools for Tahoe-LAFS. [ github.com ]


This is a generic Flattr Thing for all my other stuff that doesn't or can't have its own Flattr entry. If you appreciate what I write or do, a Flat... [ cryto.net ]

The Open Media Project

A video aggregrator and intuitive "Media Center"-like browser-based player for real and freely-distributable (Creative Commons, etc.) movies, serie... [ www.cryto.net ]

Cryto Coding Collective

The Cryto Coding Collective or 'CrytoCC' is a non-profit collective of independent developers and contributors that strive for real innovation. Unh... [ www.cryto.net ]