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joeyh/git-remote-gcrypt on GitHub

git-remote-gcrypt: A git remote helper for GPG-encrypted remotes [ github.com ]

joeyh/propellor on GitHub

property-based host configuration management in haskell [ github.com ]

joeyh/myrepos on GitHub

Multiple Repository management tool [ github.com ]

joeyh/git-annex on GitHub

manage large files with git [ github.com ]

joeyh/github-backup on GitHub

backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository [ github.com ]


Backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository. [ kitenet.net ]


A ten year real-time historical exhibit of Usenet as it appeared 30 years ago. [ olduse.net ]

Debian Party Line

The Debian Party Line is a voice chatroom running at mumble.debian.net. Facilitating higher-bandwidth Debian chat. Your flattrs help pay for ban... [ debian-party-line.branchable.com ]