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PHP 5.3 - Thanks for all the Fish

A few moments ago I pushed the buttons and PHP 5.3.29 came out. As this is the final release for 5.3 it is a good time to look back. PHP 5.3\'s his... [ schlueters.de ]

PHP 5.5 is out, what\

Yay, finally we released PHP 5.5, which is a new big release for PHP. In preparation for this I yesterday sent out a mail to the PHP core developer... [ schlueters.de ]

Testing persistent connection and thread-safety features in PHP

By default PHP provides shared-nothing environments to ensure that whatever happens to PHP's state in one request has no effect on other requests... [ schlueters.de ]

Not only SQL - memcache and MySQL 5.6

This week there are two big events for the MySQL community: The O'Reilly MySQL Conference and Oracle Collaborate run by the IOUG. At these events o... [ schlueters.de ]

PHP 5.3: Up to 30% performance win

Dmitry posted results of performance test comparing PHP 5.2 and 5.3 to internals which are impressive numbers:Drupal 20% fasterQdig 2% fastertypo... [ schlueters.de ]

More on scalar type hints in PHP trunk

Some time ago I wrote an article about the implementation of type hints for non-object types for PHP. Meanwhile many things happened and that imple... [ schlueters.de ]

Upload Progress in PHP trunk

File uploads via HTTP are an annoyance. Web Browser know quite a lot but still the give little feedback to the users. Some a bit more, most close t... [ schlueters.de ]