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The tricks of EU cross-border rail – Berlin-Bruxelles-St Gallen-Berlin

As a person I seldom stand out, at least to look at - I am of medium height and medium build, my hair is plain and I choose my clothes precisely so... [ jonworth.eu ]

The danger of over-hyping TTIP (the possible US-EU trade deal)

  Yesterday is was David Cameron at the G8 summit, claiming that a US-EU trade deal (known as TTIP) could create 2 million jobs. The European Commi... [ www.jonworth.eu ]

The UK-EU argument is a proxy for the vital debate about the UK’s economic, geopolitical and democra

  There are two common, and incorrect, justifications for not acting in politics. The first is that now is not the right time, because at the momen... [ www.jonworth.eu ]