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Hello, This is Joseph Noctum, I just got back from a Art Festival where my production partner and I, also known as Libations & Oscillations had a w... [ soundcloud.com ]

Pyropolis 20X Texas Tango

Pyropolis set from 2010 Burning Flipside in Texas we do it up right. With plenty of sound camps to play at including, Carpe Noctem, Alpha Rhythms, ... [ soundcloud.com ]

Pyropolis 2012: Phuture Perreo

In the tradition of the Pyropolis series, we see yet another example of the creativity that shines from burn events. This is the set that I played ... [ soundcloud.com ]

Chilly Gonzales vs Florence + The Machine - A Different Kind of Drumming Song (A L&O Cocktail)

So what is a L&O Cocktail? Just what it sounds like. A concoction of aural pleasures pulled from different sources and combined to make one intoxic... [ soundcloud.com ]

Ab I Hayat (Noctum Belly Dance Remix)

2005 I was working on a remix concept album, this is a remix of Ab I Hayat by Mercan Dede. [ soundcloud.com ]

Cirrus - Beatrix (J-Rock Remix)

A remix I did for Cirrus back in 2004 [ soundcloud.com ]

Behind Blue Eyes (Blue Glitch Remix)

Remix I did back in 2004 of The Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. [ soundcloud.com ]

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. VS Missy Elliot - Bad Girls Work It (Noctum Mash-Up)

This is the track that got me started with these Glitch-Hop, Lazer Bass, Crunk mash ups. Off of my Peace Love and Crunk podcast this is S.P.E.C.T.R... [ soundcloud.com ]

The Glitch Mob VS Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Drive It Like Your Workin It (Noctum Mash-up)

I can't take true credit for the idea behind this one. My fellow producer Psymbionic had remixed The Glitch Mob's Drive It Like You Stole It and ha... [ soundcloud.com ]

Samples VS Ludacris - Bombs Up (Noctum Mash-up)

Again I can't take credit for this idea originally. Mochipet remixed Ben Samples - Drop Bombs and did a version of it with Ludacris - Stand Up. I r... [ soundcloud.com ]