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Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Adding a Flattr button to Ghost

Adding a Flattr button isn't what it used to be. It's actually quite easy these days. Most major CMS/blogging platforms have modules or plugins th... [ whird.jpope.org ]

BashScriptVille Part II

I’ve now added a new pumpio (and statusnet) bot that pulls comics from XKCD. Why? Why the hell not? Don’t we all love XKCD? The “bots” are located ... [ whird.jpope.org ]


I have had my matrix StatusNet instance up for quite some time. This instance consists of six accounts that mostly spit out random notices that are... [ whird.jpope.org ]

Now I’m Smokin’

Something that I’ve always loved is grilling food. Fire up the grill, put on some tunes, grab a cold drink and after the cooking is done, enjoy som... [ whird.jpope.org ]


Seeing that I’ve had a whole string of StatusNet posts, I figure that it’s time to start some pump.io posts. I’ve had a pump running since mid Janu... [ whird.jpope.org ]

Simple Editing of the Simple Last.fm Scrobbler

I recently installed a GNU FM instance to scrobble my listened tracks to. Over the past four years, I’ve mostly used last.fm just for the data coll... [ whird.jpope.org ]

StatusNet Subscription Hacking

Some time back, @sazius changed his StatusNet instance from ‘SSL always’ to ‘SSL sometimes’. sazius (sazius)’s status on Friday, 30-Mar-12 18:53:19... [ whird.jpope.org ]


To continue my recent work with the Wunderground api, I have now hacked together a new StatusNet bot plugin. With this plugin, you can ask the bot ... [ whird.jpope.org ]