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joar/deproulette on GitHub

You never know what you get. Such is life [ github.com ]

joar/automgtic on GitHub

Batch upload client for GNU MediaGoblin [ github.com ]

joar/omgmg on GitHub

GNU MediaGoblin web client [ github.com ]

Commit on talkatv/talkatv

Merge pull request #39 from etu/master Please don't suggest people to use document.write anymore... [ github.com ]


Note Since this was posted the project has changed it's name to talkatv and the homepage is http://talka.tv. I have been thinking about developing ... [ wandborg.se ]

talkatv - Open source comment service

talkatv noun /ˈtôkətiv/ An open source comment service. Licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later. talkatv development is cu... [ talka.tv ]

jwandborg/mediagoblin-init-scripts on GitHub

GNU MediaGoblin init scripts for Debian >= 6.0 [ github.com ]