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IPAS - Ingress Portal Attack Simulator

This simulator lets you plan an attack on an enemy portal. It tries to simulate the damage of your bursters, depending on the position and level [ ipas.graphracer.com ]

Symfony2 and me – let’s be friends – Part 2

I have a running, blank symfony2 project now, with Propel instead of Doctrine – but no DB or bundle yet Step 5: Gimme a bundle I know there is this... [ www.xosofox.de ]

xosofox on Twitter

web developer, symfony fan, KaroPapa of www.karopapier.de, real-time-pusher, iPhone-not-user, seo-suckers-hater, deuteranomalist [ twitter.com ]

JS Performance: Numbered Array vs Associative Array

Spped of associative arrays vs numbered arrays [ www.xosofox.de ]

Automated tweets now there is OAuth? Sending Tweets from PHP Command line

Description on how to use OAuth from the command line with PHP to send tweets [ www.xosofox.de ]

Playing with my new pet: APE

My Questions to APE - answered I’m planning to use APE (www.ape-project.org) for my next big project. It provides “Real-Time-Push” functionality ba... [ www.xosofox.de ]


Autofahren wie in der Vorlesung - das beste Browserspiel der Welt, wie Botrix weiß. Das Konzept von Flattr finde ich ne witzige Idee - hoffe, dass ... [ www.karopapier.de ]