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Running shortest path algorithms on the german road network within a 1.5GB JVM

Article describing how to tackle that memory intensive problem with Java. [ karussell.wordpress.com ]

Jetslide News Reader for Geeks

Jetslide is a new way to consume the latest news from several social networks e.g. twitter, reddit and digg. It will personalize your news when ... [ jetsli.de ]

Where is UML for NetBeans? [Blog post]

UML was dropped from 6.8. Flattr this to let me do an updated story for NetBeans 7.0 or higher [ karussell.wordpress.com ]

Thoughts about Java and more [Blog]

I'm blogging about programming stuff. About algorithms, Apache Solr, Apache Wicket, NetBeans and my spare time project called jetwick. And a lot mo... [ karussell.wordpress.com ]