325 Flattrs Received From 130 People

kennethreitz/httpbin on GitHub

HTTP Request & Response Service, written in Python + Flask. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/elephant on GitHub

A persistent, full-text searchable key-value store. Powered by Flask, ElasticSearch, and good intentions. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/samplemod on GitHub

Sample module for Python-Guide.org. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/envoy on GitHub

Python Subprocesses for Humans™. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/dj-database-url on GitHub

Use Database URLs in your Django Application. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/flask-sockets on GitHub

Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps. [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/clint on GitHub

Python Command-line Application Tools [ github.com ]

kennethreitz/dj-static on GitHub

Serve production static files with Django (until you move to a CDN). [ github.com ]