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Xenon 2 and DRM, almost irreparable damages?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies and their noxious inclination to spoil the day for PC gamers are steadily at the focus of the gaming d... [ kingofgng.com ]

Xenon 2 e DRM, danni quasi irreparabili?

Le tecnologie DRM (Digital Rights Management) e la loro perniciosa tendenza a rovinare la giornata ai videogiocatori su PC sono costantemente al ce... [ kingofgng.com ]

The aftermath of a failed upgrade

When, several months ago, I decided to upgrade my laptop with a more performing processor, I never thought that some time later I would have been f... [ kingofgng.com ]

Le conseguenze di un upgrade malriuscito

Quando, svariati mesi fa, decisi di aggiornare il mio laptop con un processore più performante, mai avrei pensato che qualche tempo dopo sarei stat... [ kingofgng.com ]

Musopen will free classical music from copyright

The ambitious target set by Musopen founder has been reached and widely exceeded: Aaron Dunn succeeded in collecting more than 68,000 dollars for ... [ kingofgng.com ]

EasyBCD & TrueCrypt, tools for the HDDs pros updated

July has been a noteworthy month for fans of the not so trivial arts of multiboot and hard disk data encryption, which have been able to profit by ... [ kingofgng.com ]

Videogames highlights - June 2010, E3 special

In the days between the 14th and 17th of June Los Angeles hosted the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the most important yearly exhibition of interac... [ kingofgng.com ]

Silvio Berlusconi Ridens

Silvio Berlusconi ridens :-D [ kingofgng.com ]

Intel says farewell to PCI bus

Soon another technology that in the past years dominated the always-changing universe of computer hardware will bite the dust. That’s the decision ... [ kingofgng.com ]