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A serialized documentary about the forces that shape our lives. From the creator of "Everything is a Remix". [ www.thisisnotaconspiracytheory.com ]

This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory - Trailer

An investigation into the forces that shape us. From the creator of "Everything is a Remix," a documentary feature delivered in installments. Pre-o... [ vimeo.com ]

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

Brought to you by iStock by Getty Images www.iStock.com Written & Produced by Kirby Ferguson Additional Research by Garrett Weinholtz (www.gweinho... [ vimeo.com ]


Donations to Everything is a Remix are greatly appreciated and help me dedicate time to completing this four-part series. If you want to help me pr... [ everythingisaremix.info ]

Everything is a Remix Part 3

Creativity isn't magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen. To support this project please visit: http://ww... [ vimeo.com ]