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How to become a British eurosceptic

1. Don’t pretend to be sceptic in the strict sense of the word. You hate the EU, hence your are a sceptic. Don’t question this logic. The word “sce... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Freedom of the press

The Blog with the European perspective [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Nick Clegg fell for a euromyth

Last week  Nick Clegg presented his vision for the UK in Europe.  Of course there could have been a bit more ‘vision’ but well…  In an attempt to e... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

The referendum

Some thoughts on a EU referendum in the UK (scribbled down a couple of weeks ago – the debate is so annoying so I thought I should publish a couple... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

EU wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2012.(kudos to Norwegian state broadcaster for the scoop a few hours before the announcement) Do we now need an extra... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]


Three years of bloggingportal. And what a journey it has been. I remember sitting around a huge table in a flat in Brussels – with a certain Jon Wo... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Nobody cares about Parliaments

Interesting research findings: In 2006:  “…the public are usually in the dark as to how [the EP] works and what legislation actually means to their... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Dear Neelie Kroes…

... let me begin like this. I generally appreciate your work on the Digital Agenda. (although there are still a lot of obstacles in Europe that nee... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Beyond the "pilot era": the impact of EU funding

There is one phenomenon that anyone more or less connected with the EU bubble (even loosely, based at local or national level) is quite familiar wi... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]