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How to become a British eurosceptic

1. Don’t pretend to be sceptic in the strict sense of the word. You hate the EU, hence your are a sceptic. Don’t question this logic. The word “sce... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Freedom of the press

The Blog with the European perspective [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Nick Clegg fell for a euromyth

Last week  Nick Clegg presented his vision for the UK in Europe.  Of course there could have been a bit more ‘vision’ but well…  In an attempt to e... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

The referendum

Some thoughts on a EU referendum in the UK (scribbled down a couple of weeks ago – the debate is so annoying so I thought I should publish a couple... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

EU wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2012.(kudos to Norwegian state broadcaster for the scoop a few hours before the announcement) Do we now need an extra... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]


Three years of bloggingportal. And what a journey it has been. I remember sitting around a huge table in a flat in Brussels – with a certain Jon Wo... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]

Nobody cares about Parliaments

Interesting research findings: In 2006:  “…the public are usually in the dark as to how [the EP] works and what legislation actually means to their... [ www.kosmopolito.org ]