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I'm a writer, editor, speaker & author who digs crafts, sci-fi & summer camp. I run Mighty Ugly, exploring the valuable, frightening underside of taking creative risks. Look for Mighty Ugly, the book, in 2014!

I’m an unnatural mother.

I almost wrote the title of this post as, “I’m an unnatural parent,” but then I remembered it’s my sex that’s contributing most to my feeling that ... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

On Asking (and Selling)

The ability to ask for help is, contrary to common sense or at least evolutionary wisdom, a skill that must be worked on all the time. We must cont... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

Book Club Thoughts: Saturday Night Widows, by Becky Aikman

AKA Wherein I Bury the Lede. Read: Some hint of news, below! After passing on most of the recent selections of the From Left to Write book club I j... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

A Toast to Craftypod

Today, Sister Diane announced that she’s ending the Craftypod podcast after a seven-year run. It’s a sad day, and I’d like to take a minute to reme... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

The Books I Loved and Hated in 2012

After last year’s modest reading goals, I was more ambitious this year, aiming to read at least a couple books a month. I didn’t anticipate a three... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

Craft Social: Setting the Stage for Productivity, a Follow-up

Yesterday I was the featured guest for the Craft Social Twitter chat about productivity in crafts and crafty business. I had a blast during the liv... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

So much… so little…

I have a list of posts to write. A list! It’s not short! But I’m ignoring it to just pop my head in and say, in case this blog is... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

Not Starting Without an Exit Strategy

I feel like I’ve been talking with a lot of people lately about finding work. I mean, I think of it as finding work. Some of the people I’ve been..... [ www.kimwerker.com ]

In the Car, in the Rain, at Jericho Beach

Me and Owen in the car, waiting to meet friends at the beach in a downpour. [ soundcloud.com ]