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Nerd with music skills and an abiding love of wonderment.

Making annoying rainbows in javascript. A tutorial on color cycles.

This is a tutorial on how to produce sequences of discrete colors, for use in fonts, graphics or tables. The examples are shown in Javascript, but... [ krazydad.com ]

Wheel of Lunch

Can't figure out where to eat lunch? Let the Wheel of Lunch make up your mind! Simply enter you location, and spin the wheel. [ wheelof.com ]

Whitney Music Box

A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book "Digital Harmony". [ whitneymusicbox.org ]

6,400 Sudoku Puzzles

A whole lot of Sudoku Puzzles, suitable for printing in small batches. You can print them in booklets of 8, or you can print them in big batches o... [ krazydad.com ]

Wheel of Stars

A hauntingly beautiful musical clock made of stars. Listen to the the "music of the spheres" as the stars rotate about the sky. [ wheelof.com ]

Slitherlink Puzzles

Thousands of amusing Slitherlink puzzles for you to print and solve. In addition to the usual square puzzles, there are a variety of puzzles using... [ krazydad.com ]