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Cofounder at Transloadit. Author of php.js, system_daemon. Lead developer at a hosting firm. Into indie music, kickboxing, discovering new things & places.

kvz/phpjs on GitHub

php.js implements PHP functions in JavaScript [ github.com ]

kvz/cronlock on GitHub

cronlock lets you deploy cronjobs cluster-wide without worrying about overlaps. It uses Redis to keep track of locks. [ github.com ]

kvz/on-the-githubs on GitHub

Aggregates GitHub community activity as seen on tus.io (home & about) [ github.com ]


Painless REST server Plugin for CakePHP [ github.com ]


We make php functions available in javascript [ phpjs.org ]

kvz techblog

I try to make new technology more accessible to others by writing detailed howto's and answering many comments. If you've enjoyed this, please c... [ kevin.vanzonneveld.net ]