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Freelance Photographer specialised in Live Music, Travel, Reportage, Journalism, People, Events. www.valerioberdini.com www.liveon35mm.com

Live on the go...

If you take too many photos, you need too many places to show... this is Tumblr for the ones which don't find a place somewhere else [ liveon35mm.tumblr.com ]

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Check out my profile at imFlattrd.com! [ imflattrd.com ]

100+ Artists Live on 35mm

Follow the links to more than hundred bands photographed live on 35mm B&W film. The largest archive on the web of contemporary music shot on tradi... [ liveon35mm.wordpress.com ]

Tip on the Pit - Concert Photography Help

100+ tips to improve your concert photography skills. From getting a photopass to freeze a jumping performer, from dark to white silhouettes every... [ liveon35mm.wordpress.com ]

Live on 35mm - Flickr photostream

Flickr! Portfolio of Live on 35mm. Live music shot mostly on 35mm film. Links to all the 100+ articles on www.liveon35mm.com including loads on pho... [ www.flickr.com ]

Valerio Berdini - Photography

Valerio Berdini - Freelance Photographer specialised in Live Music, Travel, Reportage, Documentary, Festival, Events. Website displaying all his ... [ valerioberdini.photoshelter.com ]

Live on 35mm

Live music photographed mostly on B&W film. Likely the biggest online archive of contemporary live music shot on traditional b&w film. 100+ bands... [ liveon35mm.wordpress.com ]